Here's a simple tutorial for Private Chat. Please read all the instructions first, before running the install.
(Note: Fix for Double-Posted Chat.)

  1. You can download by clicking here (1.7MB - v1.0.7).   NOTE : you will need an unzipping program, or Windows XP.
  2. Open the zip file, and double click on the setup.exe.
    1. You can then run the program, by clicking on Start/All Programs/WGCPM/WGCPM.
    2.  See an example of what the program looks like :
    3. The left box contains a list of the lobbies you currently have open.  Send PM and Exit should be self-explanatory.
  3. Sending and Receiving PM's
    1. You will only be able to receive or send PM's when the lobby window is open.
    2. Keep in mind, this only works with Private messages in lobbies (/pm).
    3. The program will periodically check to see what lobbies you do have open.
    4. If someone sends you a pm in a lobby you have open, you will get a blue window with the player's nick and their message (see screenshot below). From that point forward, you can chat back and forth with them by typing your answers in the box an the bottom and clicking on send.
    5. In order to send a message to a person the first time, you must click and highlight the lobby in the list first, and then click on Send PM.  This will bring up a dialog box for you to type in the nick, and the message and click send.  From that point forward, you will have your own window.
    6. There is a limit of 10 message windows open at a time.  Please don't try to open any more windows than that.
  4. That's it for now... :)

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