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 WingFlyer - Registered version.
        Many people have asked me for the opportunity to see what the registered version is all about. Well, I now give you an opportunity to try it out. This version will run for 10 days only, but unlike other trial offers its not 10 calendar days, its any 10 days you choose to run it. For instance, you could download it today, install, but not use it for a week.
        Guess what? You still have 10 days left. Now lets say you try it for one day and then don' t touch it for a week. You have 9 days left! As you should see by now, this is much more generous than some of the standard trial copies. I think that if you like the shareware version, then you should be at least equally impressed with the registered version.
        Download the trial version here.
        When you are ready to order, you can go to the registration page here.
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