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WebFetch & WingFlyer Features
  • Download World Wide Web pages to your local hard disk for offline viewing.
  • Will run under any OS from Win3.x to Win95 to WinNT.  Though I haven't tried it myself, I have been told it will run under OS/2.
  • Both programs will run on as little as a 386-16 Mhz, though a 386-25 Mhz or better is recommended.
  • Both programs will run in under 2 meg of disk space (Webfetch < 700K, WingFlyer ~ 1.5 meg).
  • Even though the index to server-side image maps cannot be downloaded, WingFlyer will modify the links so that the image map will still work when connected to the network.
  • Both modifiy all links so that they are valid. They will either point to a local copy that has been downloaded, or the link will point to the proper spot on the web. Of course, long URLS like queries (those ugly ones with the "?" in them) will be downloaded and saved as a webpage.
  • Both can download any file that is referenced by an http-based URL (gopher, FTP, etc are not currently supported).  This means *any* file - zip, picture, sound, etc that is addressed by an http-based URL can be downloaded.
  • Supports a command file to allow you to automate the download of multiple webpages.
  • Customer configurable option to  turn warnings on or off.
  • Can be configured to exit when a network connection error occurs.
  • Supports password protected webpages and proxy server networks.
Additional features in Shareware WingFlyer (2.60)
  • Will download to any number levels you want, which means you can download one level, or an entire site.
  • Allows you to choose which pages in a series to download by filtering by extension, a string or by a base URL.
  • User can set whether WingFlyer will follow links to sites other than the original one chosen.
  • Allows the user to choose how they want to save the downloads - either in one directory, user-defined directories for webpages and images, or in a directory structure mimicing the original website.
  • Enlarged screen area.
Additional features in Registered WingFlyer (3.2)
  • Long filename support on Win95. No more truncated filenames.
  • Autodetection of new version availability - you can configure it to check daily, weekly or monthly for new versions of WingFlyer.
  • End events scheduler. You can set WingFlyer to either sound beeps, play a sound file or fire your web-browser when it is finished downloading.
  • Support for "frames" pages.
  • Continued support and free access to new versions.
Click here to order the registered version.
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