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Boy, this is taking a long time, isn't it?

WFdialer is a dial-up utility useful for Win95 and NT users who are using the Dial-up Networking feature of Windows. Its features include :

Here's how to do it.

First, configure WingFlyer

Then configure WFDialer

After this, you can start WFDialer with the command line option : -auto. WFDialer will then read in your settings and start connecting to your ISP(at the time specified in WFDialer).

WFDialer Command Line Options

WFDialer only recognizes 2 command line options : -auto and -closeall.

-auto Upon startup, WFDialer will read in the saved configurations and check the Run Date and Time set. If the Current date and time is the same or later than the Run Date and Time or if the Run Date and Time fields are blank, then WFDialer starts connecting right away. Otherwise, it waits till the set time to start connecting.
-closeall WFDialer will check to see if another instance of WFDialer is already running. If it is, it will cause that application to quit, closing any dial-up connections running at that time. WFDialer will then quit itself.

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