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Version Released Comments

3.3b 12/26/00 WingFlyer16 - Fixed it so that WingFlyer now recognizes "File Not Found" for images as well as for webpages.
3.3a 12/17/00 WingFlyer16 - Fixed a bug that causes some servers to refuse to send webpages to WingFlyer.
Added Spoofing support for Internet Explorere 5.5
3.3 12/02/00 Fixed number of bugs with the filtering options.
Added support for ftp:// links.
Provide better support for following ASP page links.
First separate version for WingFlyer16, which will support Win3.1x, & Win9x
3.2h 10/30/99 Fixed two bugs. One dealing with filenames that have "&" in their names, and the other dealing with WingFlyer freezing when clicking on the Skip Current button.
I have also attempted to make the fonts appear smoother - especially on a Win3.11 machine.
3.2c  07/12/99 Add ability to detect "framed" pages and download them even if the download level is set to 0.
3.2 11/8/98 Fixed a problem that prevented filenames with an "@" in them being downloaded.
Added a "Pause" feature to pause downloads temporarily
3.1f 08/24/98 Fixed a timing problem that caused some downloads to fail in Windows 3.11.
3.1e 07/26/98 Added a new utility for (WFDialer) registered users to help fire-up Win95 automatically.
Added several additional options to the "After download" options which includes shutting down Wf after downloads and to shutdown the WFDialer utility after it is finished downloading.
Cleaned up some minor problems with Long filenames
3.1d 07/05/98 Fixed problem NT 4.0 users were having with loooong hostnames.
3.1c 06/09/98 Fixed some problems that cause Wingflyer not to run on NT machines.
3.1b 04/25/98 Fixed some links that still pointed to the old help file (more to come).
Fixed Edit Command Line screen problem that appears on some monitors.
3.1a 04/19/98 Fixed problem with mixed upper and lower case that caused links not to work in certain downloads.
Converted to new TCP/IP engine.
Converted helpfiles to HTML files.
3.1 12/12/97 Integrated Long filename support and some event handling support.
Update Web-browsing mimics to MSIE 3.02 and Netscape 4.0.
The overwrite, skip and auto-rename files now also applies to HREF (webpages).
Special thanks to Victor Long for the new artwork for WingFlyer.
3.0beta 08/31/97 Added support for long-name support in a separate executable - wf32beta.exe, which is included with all registered versions of software.
2.60i 07/30/97 Locked shareware version at 2.60i. Future versions will be available for registered users only.
2.60c-h 07/14/97 Fixed several bugs. Redid some of the screen layouts. Added Auto-rename feature for downloads. Last Shareware version planned to be released.
2.59l-m 05/25/97 Added the Print All option button to the help menu to print all help pages.
2.59k 05/19.97 Added the option to turn off the resizing function in WingFlyer. Some video configurations have trouble with this option turned on.
2.59d-j 05/12/97 Moved the Strip HTTP options off the front page. Made some adjustments to the filtering options.
2.59c 05/04/97 Added additional filtering options based on embedded strings, or based on the URL tree. Added enlarged view mode on the main screen. Clicking on the maximize button will not only cause the form to enlarge, but will also enlarge the text. Moved some miscellaneous resources from the main executable to an additional dll file. Added tab-like dialogs to the configurations screens.
2.59b 04/24/97 Added filtering options for choosing which files to download or not to download.
2.59 04/12/97 When WingFlyer is minimized, the download status (number of files, graphics, levels, batch level, etc) will show in the icon. Changed the background of the helpfile back to white to make it easier for users with monochrome screens to read.
2.58 04/05/97 Fixed Base URL reference found to be used on some webpages. *Fixed* bug that should check for duplicate filenames and allow user to change the names.
2.57 03/17/97 If a directory name is given as the Download File option, WingFlyer automatically appends the name index.htm.
2.56a-d 02/25/97 Fixed routine that checks for bad download names. Fixes a problem when wingflyer tries to make sure someone is not passing a directory name as a filename. Also contains a patch to handle webpages with a lot of references that have very similar names. Fixed problem where WF would go into loop if the user clicks on the exit button while WF is downloading. Registered Users only - Added Auto Download button to automatically check for new versions of WingFlyer.
2.56 02/24/97 Added automatic update feature for registered users. Fixed a number of webserver related problems including wrong case and saving graphics files with htm extensions. Fixed and re-added Download Graphics Files which allows the user to choose whether or not to download the graphics files referenced by the webpage.
2.52 12/31/96 Removed the upper limit on the number of graphics pictures that can be downloaded from any one webpage. Moved the number of levels box to the front page.
2.51 12/16/96 Released Bug Fix dealing with the way downloaded webpages were named.
2.50 12/14/96 Reworked configuration file to the standard windows ini format. Fixed bug dealing with nonstandard port numbers run from the command line. Added support for the <bgsound> HTML tag. Added support for the <INPUT Type=Image...> HTML tag. Fixed Bug handling filenames containing a single quote. WF automatically restores last settings prior to starting a download. Added the -L option to batch downloads that will allow the user to completely define any download options they want.
2.48 11/20/96 Saves files names that have an extension of jpeg as jpg to allow editing in paint programs. Fixed some minor bugs that interfere with normal downloads. Added a true helpfile to contain all information originally found in the accompanying text files. Thus, no more readme.1st, feature.txt. Special thanks to Bob Weil for his great artwork on the startup screen.
2.46 10/28/96 Improved minimize function to make it work better with pre Win95 machines. Fixed command-line function so it is not case-dependent.
2.45 10/24/96 Added support for new <embed> HTML tag. Fixed problem with password function.
2.4 10/12/96 Minor adjustments to the way downloads are logged. Add a system "ping" when job is finished being downloaded.
2.3 09/16/96 Reorganized Configuration Screen for easier use. Add switch to turn on/off multi-level downloads on the front page. Add ability to set a network timeout value.
2.2 09/14/96 Enlarged the screen area Added limited balloon help.
2.1a 08/25/96 First shareware release with German translation. Added user ability to change what files are seen in the help screen.
2.1 08/14/96 First full shareware release. Adds user option to configure specific sub-directories for webpage and graphics files. Adjusts download routine to keep DNS and disconnect errors from stopping the program. Adds download errors to the logfile : weblog.txt so user can keep trap of missing files.
1.20b3 07/21/96 Completely compatible with cfg files of version 1.20 or older from WebFetch or WingFlyer. Edited Advanced Configuration to include additional options for multi-level downloads such as including other sites in downloads, and the Option to create subdirectories similar to WWW site. Allow user to turn off "warning" messages such as "file not found on server" and prompt to create new subdirectory.
1.20b2 07/15/96 Completely compatible with cfg files of version 1.17 or older from WebFetch or WingFlyer. Fixed incompatibility problem with some webpages.
1.20b1 07/09/96 Completely compatible with cfg files of version 1.17 or older from WebFetch or WingFlyer. First beta version release of WingFlyer, initially to beta volunteers only.
1.0 06/25/96 Prior version lost when it accidentally opened a large gaping hole which caused many things (including this program) to be "slid" into a parallel universe.Only thing left was a cufflink with a monogram of "QM".

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