WF Help Home Page Tips and Solutions

Where to Save Files. If you are downloading more than a few webpages, don't use the Save in Same directory option. The number of files can be enormous, as well as having a hugh number of index files - inde0001, inde0002, inde0100.htm.

Downloading Problems.  If the problem is with downloading a file, check that your browser can download the file.  This helps eliminate any non-WF related problems, such as a bad connection.

Timeout problems. If your network connection is very slow and WingFlyer keeps timing out, try setting the Network Connections timeout in the Advanced Communication Screen to a larger number.

Proxy Server. If you are behind a firewall and use a proxy server, make that you use the name of your proxy server in the proxy server name. In addition, make sure the Proxy Server Active option is checked and the configuration is saved.

"File Not Found on Server" error. Make sure that you have the correct spelling and case in the URL Name box. There must be something in the URL NAME, so f the box is empty, enter a /.

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