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Make sure you have the most recent version of WingFlyer. To check, load the WingFlyer home page at

Check the sections titled Frequently Asked Questions, Known Problems, and Tips and Solutions for answers to some common questions. Technical support is available at no charge as described below.

When requesting support, please consider and include the following information :

  1. Is the problem always reproducible? If so, what are the circumstances? If not, how consistent does the problem occur?  Where possible, please include all information that would help me reproduce the problem, such as the URL, any *.ini files, etc.
  2. If the problem is that WingFlyer has stopped working, or a newer verison refuses to work, please include any changes in your system or network configuration.
  3. What version of Windows are you running? For example, Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups, Windows NT 4.0, etc.
  4. If a dialog box with an error message was displayed, please include the full text of the dialog box, including the text in the title bar.
  5. Are there any special considerations for your network hookup? For example : Are you running off a Novell network? Are you connecting through a national service provider like AOL, Compuserve or Netcom? Are you behind a firewall or using a proxy server?
  6. Please avoid being argumentative in asking questions and providing suggestions. Besides starting off on a bad foot, argumentative openings usually do not provide sufficient information for me to figure out what is the problem. "I have a need to get WingFlyer to do such_and_such" is much more informative and pleasant than "Why did you ever set up the options that way for"?
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Tips and Solutions

For support send electronic mail to

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