WF Help Home Page Requirements for running WingFlyer

A PC with MS Windows : This can be Win 3.1, Win 3.11, Windows for Workgroups, Win95, or WinNT. Recommended 386-25 or better, but it will run on slower machines. Personally, I have not tested it on OS/2, but I have been told it will run.

Vbrun300.dll (Visual Basic 3.0 runtime module) : Check in your windows or windows/system directory. Otherwise, you can download it from any number of sites including AOL, Compuserve, Prodigy, Simtel, Cica, or go to and do a search on the net for vbrun300.dll.

Ctl3dv2.dll (Windows library) : Though this file is commonly found with most windows installations, there are occasions where it may be missing. If you try to run WingFlyer and you don't have this file, then you will a error message entitled No Resume. Check the common distribution sites (as listed above) for a copy.

A network connection - either a direct or dial-up connection. WingFlyer is a winsock 1.1 compatible application. Since many network applications today are winsock compatible, the odds are that if you are already running programs such as Eudora, Ewan, or Netscape, then you probably will be able to run WingFlyer. If you have a problem starting up WingFlyer, check out the known problems.

A WebBrowser : Netscape, Mosaic, MSIE, or some other webbrowser is recommended though WingFlyer does not require a webbrowser to run, only to view the files downloaded.

Some basic Windowing skills, including how to add a program to Windows, how to copy and paste in Windows, how to click and double-click, and how to select text with the mouse. And, of course, some Network browsing experience and some familiarity with common internet terms is a plus.

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