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WingFlyer is a (relatively) small utility that allows the user to download any webpage, graphic, or file including any CGI-generated images and webpages over the internet (or intranet) that can be addressed with the standard Glossary addressing scheme.

In other words, WingFlyer is a utility that will allows you to download the same webpages that you can see in your webbrowsers, such as Netscape`s Navigator, or Microsoft's Interner Explorer. You can also configure WingFlyer to download the webpages that are pointed to by other webpages.

For example, say you are looking at a company homepage that gives you an overview of what the company does. This page includes information like address, contact, and maybe a brief description of services. WingFlyer, by default, will download that webpage and its pictures. BUT, suppose that webpage has links or it points to other webpages with more information - like details on the products the company carries. You can configure WingFlyer to not only download the first page, but to automatically download the webpages that it links or points to.

Another example : You are looking at the main page of an online newspaper. This page also has links to the the columns or articles associated with that newspaper or magazine. WingFlyer can be configured to just download the main page, and it will still keep the links pointing to the other pages, or you can have WingFlyer download the main page and the other pages it points to all at once. Of course the next question is, can WingFlyer download the pages that the second page points to? Of course it can. You control how many levels deep you want WingFlyer to download. Of course, keep in mind that as the number of levels increase by 1, the number of webpages you download may increased dramatically more.
For example : if the main page points to five new pages and each new page points to ten additional new pages, then just going 2 levels deep will get you 56 webpages. Actually, I am being conservative. My experience has shown that the number of webpages increase much more. I downloaded 2 levels at the main Microsoft site and came up with about 355 different webpages. Keeping in mind that each webpage probably had 8 to 10 images on it, the number of files downloaded was well over 1500 files. Anyway, if you are ready to try WingFlyer, you can check out the Requirements for running WingFlyer and how to install WingFlyer under Windows. After that, you are ready to try the quick start demo.

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