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Network Related Problems

To be able to use a winsock application, you need a TCP/IP stack. If you use Windows for Workgroups, you can use the free TCP/IP add-on available from If you use Win 3.1, there is a number of commercially available TCP/IP stacks. You can also try the shareware Trumpet winsock. Windows95 usually comes bundled with a winsock compatible TCP/IP stack, as does current versions of MS Windows NT.

WingFlyer has problems with connections using the following software :

Twinsock as the dial-in connection - no good fix for it, yet.

Novell's TCP/IP - It has been found that Novells winsock.dll needs the file NOVASYNC.EXE in order to work with any programs that use the asynchronous winsock API, which WingFlyer uses.

Some Banyan networks using proxy servers software from IDT.

Downloading problems

There is a known problem with WingFlyer if you try to download a huge number of files into the same directory. WingFlyer has trouble addressing this situation and I am currently working on a solution for it. Meanwhile - if you use the mimic website option, this will avoid the immediate problem entirely.

Video display problems

I have found that if you do not define your monitor or video card with the correct driver, certain screens in WingFlyer will appear as blank or grayed out. The one known solution is to install the proper drivers. If this is not possible, or does not fix the problem, then rename the reson.dat file in the WingFlyer directory to resoff.dat. This will fix the gray screen problem, but it will keep the main screen from being able to be resized.

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