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How do I set and save my own settings? Click on the Config. Screen. button. You have opened the configuration screen. Clicking the options at the top : Main Screen Configuration, Advanced Communication and Advanced Configuration. The Main Screen is the screen you open to, set the values to what you want to see as the defaults. Click on the other options at the top and set those values they way you want. When done, click on the Save button at the bottom of the screen. The configuration screen will close and the values are set.

How do you download more than one level of webpages. How do you download the webpages along with the graphics that are shown? On the main screen, click on the multi-level option download option. A # Levels box appears. Try setting the value to 1 or 2 and then save the configuration. If you need more levels, then increase the number in small increments between trials.

What do all those files that come with WingFlyer do? Here is a list and short description of each of the file included with WingFlyer.

wf*.exe the main executable for WingFlyer. This goes in the installation directory.
wfstuff.dll file contains additional resources needed by WingFlyer to run. Put this in the same directory as the wf32beta.exe file.
printall.dll great dll that I use to add a capability to print out all the help documentation.
cswskctl.vbx & threed.vbx additional third party files needed by WingFlyer for network and 3d effects respectively. You probably can place them in the same directory as the wf*.exe file.
\docs directory windows help file for WingFlyer.
install.txt short text file for installing WingFlyer.
reson.dat normally not required. Under certain video or monitor drivers, all you see are gray screens with no detail. Renaming this file to resoff.dat and restarting WingFlyer should make this error go away.
ctl3dv2.dll Not included in the distribution, but needed for WingFlyer to run and must be in the Windows or Windows/system directory.

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