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Almost all the advanced options can be divided into five groups : Advanced Main Screen Options, Adv Conf(Advanced Configuration Options), Adv Comm(Advanced Communication Options, Path Filter, and Event Conf (Event Configuration). In all cases, you must click on the save button to make permanent, or click on the set button to keep for this session only.

Advanced Main Screen Options

Strip HTTP Comments

You almost always want this checked. Downloaded files come with embedded information (HTTP Comments) about the request and the status of the file. If this information was not stripped, all the picture and binary files would be corrupted and un-useable. Turning this option off is only useful when you are either investigating how webservers send files, or if you are trouble-shooting a problem.

Long Filename Support

WingFlyer now supports long filenames and will save the long filenames of the files on Win95 and WinNT systems. Do not attempt this option on Windows 3.x systems.

Download complete Frames

Allows WingFlyer to detect Framed pages and download the related sections even if the download level to 0.

Advanced Configuration Options

File Logger Information

You can choose whether or not to log downloads of both webpages and graphics. There are two logfiles that keep the download information in a format that you can then use directly as a command file. Suggested default is webpages only.

Download Options

You can modify whether links are saved with full pathnames or relative pathnames in the webpages. The latter is recommended - since you can move a set of webpages without disturbing the links.

Extension Filter

You can choose to either download only those files with certain extensions, or choose to keep those files from being downloaded. Note that this has no effect on embedded graphics, only on those picture files that have links to be downloaded. Sound files (mid, wav, etc) can be filtered though. If you choose Exclude Only, then WF will download everything but the files with the extensions in the list box next to the options. If you choose Include Only, then WF will only download webpages and the files with extensions found in the listbox. To add a new extension, click in the list box and type in a new extension and click on the Add button. To delete an extension, click on the item in the listbox and hightlight it. Then click on the Del button.

Multi-Level Downloads

This controls whether WF follows links to other pages. The default is 0, which means no links are followed and only ebedded pictures are downloaded.

Where to save files

You can choose three ways for WingFlyer to save the downloads. Save Like WWW directory tries to create a directory structure that is similar to the webservers layout. Keeping in mind that inconsistencies in naming conventions may require some differences. Save in user-defined directories gives the user the option to save webpages in one directory and graphics in another, by using the HTML and Graphics button to define the subdirectories. Save in the same directory will save all files in the same directory. The last is not a good idea if you are going to download a lot of files. Remember that DOS (and WFW and Win95) have a limitation on the number of files that can be placed in one directory.


When running unattended, you can stop any warning messages or pop-up windows from stopping WingFlyer`s actions by setting the Turn off Warning Messages. To configure, open the configuration and click on the Save button to make changes permanent.

Advanced Communication Options

Proxy Server Information

To configure for a proxy server, enter the proxy server name into the box labeled HTTP Proxy Server Name. Enter the proxy server port number into the box labeled HTTP Proxy Port Number. Make sure the box labeled Proxy Server Active is checked. To disable Proxy Server services, clear the Proxy Server Active box and click on the Save button.

Network Connections

Enter a new value in seconds. This is how long WingFlyer will wait for a connection before timing out.

Password Authorization

To configure a username password, open the configuration screen to the Advanced Communication Option(Adv. Comm.)s. Fill in the User and Password boxes, click on the Enable Password and on the Save Authentication. Click on the Authorize button to activate your username/password pair and then click on the Save button to make changes permanent. To change just the username and password for the current sesion, enter the new values and click on the Authorize button.

WebBrowser Spoofing

To change which WebBrowser WingFlyer mimics, open the configuration screen to the Advanced Communication Option(Adv. Comm.). Under WebBrowser Spoofing, click on either Netscape or MSIE (Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Path Filter

Filter by String

Allows the user to filter out (Exclude) or only include (Include) URLs that contain one or more strings defined by the user. The user adds or deletes strings from the dropdown list, choosing the Include or Exclude Option. Options are saved by clicking on the save button. Options do not affect the graphics files to download, only the webpages. So if a webpage is "filtered" out, then the graphics on that page are not downloaded, too. Excluding an URL has priority over Including an URL. So if a URL contains both strings that are to be included, and to be excluded, the URL will be excluded from the download.

Filter by URL

Allows the user to filter out (Exclude) or only include (Include) URL's based on their relationship to the filer URL's. As above, if a webpage is "excluded', then it will not be downloaded.

Event Configuration Options

After Download

Allows the user to trigger events once the download or job is complete. The three options are : System beep, play a music or sound file (mid, wav) and open the starting webpage with the default browser.

Additional Features

Additional Configuration Files

You can create additional copies of the configuration file by doing the following : Make all the changes in the Configuration Screens that you want and then hold down the shift key and click on the Save button. A dialog box will pop up, allowing you to save the configurations to a separate file (this will not change the contents of your default configuration file. You can then use that file for your batch downloads.

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