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We started out with just two products - WebFetch (Freeware) and WingFlyer (shareware). Look for more in the near future and follow the links.

WebFetch was the first internet program I wrote. It was written to download individual webpages to their local hard drive and view them offline. I followed with WingFlyer which added the ability to download whole websites at one pass as well as scheduling downloads.

MailWasherPro - This is a great program I found that helps with a big headache of mine : It reduced to almost zero the amount of spam mail I was receiving.  The sales pitch didn't convince me, but when I took the 30 day trial, it took me all of 10 days to see the results.  I can't guarantee them for you, but try it out yourself and see if it helps by clicking here.  And when you are ready to buy, please click on the firetrust link below to buy.  Yes, I am an affiliate, and yes I benefit from your purchase - but I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't think it really does what it claims to do.